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Sneak Preview!
New at REiKi ViBRATions in 2020

January 22, 2024

Exciting things are happening at REiKi ViBRATiONS be sure to Stay in the Loop and Subscribe Now!

Online Workshops:

Beat the Blues with REiKi

Self-Care with REiKi

10 Tips + for a Successful Business Page

Friday Night Lights! 

A monthly REiKi Podcast 

Join me and meet with Masters from all over the world and across the Sea as we Discuss & Learn REikI Topics from diverse experts!


REGISTRATION OPEN NOW! First Degree Level 1 Reiki

2020 Classes - 2 Saturdays or 2 Sundays

Level 1 REIKI -Usui Shiki Ryoho - A Complete Course to The Usui System of Natural Healing.

This 2-Day class, is a Certificate course and complies with the core curriculum of Usui Reiki.

You will learn the foundation of Reiki, introducing the history, philosophy, theory and practical uses of this traditional holistic practice. The 5 Reiki Precepts will be taught in depth and further explored with practice, mediation, and an open discussion. We will also explore the Chakra System,  mantras, and learn important key techniques  of traditional Usui Reiki.  this course will completely prepare you to practice Reiki  both on yourself and others.

It includes practical exercises in a real-life setting as you will learn hands-on, how to to treat, and practice on yourself, family members, others, and your pets.

Taught in a relaxed environment, with an outdoor meditation if weather cooperates, and an Intro to Animal Reiki with the Reiki Master's Teacher Assistant, Baxter, using the Let Animals Lead ® Method 

Maximum of 4 students per class to allow for plenty of one-on-one time for support, questions, practice, reflection and discussion.

Investment:  $285 and includes Instruction Manual, Notebook, required Attunements for Level 1, Reiki 1 Certificate upon completion, and 1 month of weekly one-on- one mentoring with each student in-person or via Skype.

Healthy Snacks, Beverages, and Afternoon Tea will be provided.

pre-requisite:  A willingness to learn. 

Upon Completion of Course: 

-All graduating students receive special discounted prices for all future Reiki Sessions and Mentoring Sessions.

-Personal invite to a private Facebook group for continuing education, workshops- free and paid at discounted prices.

-Post Class opportunities for monthly Reiki share/practice and Reiki Circles

-Invitation to The Reiki Forum, a private network of Reiki Practioners for further support and community. (created and managed by Reiki Vibrations)

Dress comfortably. 

$50 non-refundable Deposit required to hold your seat in the class.  (If you cancel you can put deposit toward future class, workshop or Reiki session)

***Student Discount (If you are a full-time or part-time student discounts are available)

REIKI Circle Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday!

REIKI Vibrations holds a Reiki Circle every Tuesday as our way to give back to the Community* 
Please "LIKE" our facebook page and place your name and/or intention below in the comments to participate and receive Reiki.
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Animal Reiki Saturdays!

Saturdays-Weekly (Online)

Animal Reiki Saturday-Weekly Online!

Introducing Distant Reiki share that honors our animal companions not only in our homes but the ones that we share this Earth with! Please click here visit Reiki Vibrations Facebook Page on Saturdays to  place your request and I will send reiki blessings to these beautiful beings.


Calling on All Reiki Practitoners!

Come Join Us!

Welcome to The Reiki Forum.
This is a  private Facebook group, created by REIKI Vibrations, where anyone who practices Reiki is welcome to gather and converse.
The purpose of this group is meant to be a safe community
where Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Students, can share experiences, ask questions, receive advice, and exchange ideas in a peaceful and Reiki manner.
The focus of the group is to learn from one another and grow our knowledge in the practice of Reiki.

If you would like to join this private Facebook Group please click on JOIN GROUP

REIKI Vibrations is Calling on all REIKI Practitioners..practice distance Reiki with other Practitioners!

click below to 

Join The Reiki Forum now!

Monthly on The Reiki Forum

Grab your partner and Do-si-do!👥

The Reiki Forum is springing into the Equinox with “Reiki Distance Partner Exchange” beginning March 21st
Benefits of participating:
1. Giving back to the members of The Reiki Forum community 
2. Practice practice practice
3. A chance to support each other by giving thoughtful feedback to expand our knowledge and practice in distance reiki 
4. To support one another’s website and business page by giving a Review!
5. Have fun by sharing reiki!
How it works:
On the 21st of every month I will post a Reiki Partner Exchange 
-you will place your name in the comments and someone will respond that they would like to pair up with you. (I will take on those that don’t have a partner if there’s an odd number)
-you will communicate and decide who is the recipient and who is the client. If you are both attuned to to the distance symbol you may also reverse roles.
-In exchange you will commit to giving each other honest and thoughtful feedback.(please place effort into the feedback)
-You may also agree to give each other a review/testimonial that you can post on each other’s website or business page.
-you may share feedback on the thread (optional)as a way for all of us to learn . ***Keep in mind we all have room to expand our knowledge and sharing your experiences contributes to growth***
-Finally all I ask is to complete before the next monthly post and reply in comments “DONE” so that I know we actually have participants!

REIKI Vibrations Classroom

Coming Soon in Early 2019!!!

REIKI Vibrations is working on various exciting REIKI Workshops.  Keep in touch by subscribing here to be the very first to receive notices when workshops become available!  

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The Mysterious Power of Reiki

January 22, 2024

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