• Angela Mia La Scala, RMT

Healing from the Ground Up: Root Chakra

One of the benefits of Reiki and a Self-Reiki practice, is helping one GROUND by being present and mindful. We build from the bottom up. When we build a structure we do not start from the top, we begin at the bottom. A strong, firm, anchored foundation is where it all begins. This foundation needs meticulous planning, time, and patience to get it just right. If we rush through it carelessly, the foundation ends up being weak and will not withstand the test of time. Everything above that WEAK foundation also becomes weak, cracked and off balance. This is why we spend so much time on the Root chakra and Reiki Self-care. We are much like a building structure in human form. We have a foundation (root chakra) that anchors us into the Earth. It holds us up and steady and balances everything above it. We have a Roof (crown chakra) that protects everything beneath it. When we work on our own human structure it is important to begin at the bottom, the Root.

The Root chakra is the first chakra that we want to make sure is healthy and balanced because every chakra above it m, relies on its healthy, strong foundation Grounding into the Earth keeps us steady, when the winds of the storms come rolling in! A sound structure can withstand the storm by being deeply rooted and flexible! Over time, A weak structure will crack under pressure and it legs will give out every time a storm comes rolling in. Think of yourself as a strong, deeply rooted structure, that can remain calm, balanced, and strong through the emotional storms that come whipping in. Of course, just like any structure we may take a beating but that does NOT mean we have to “take the fall”! Just for today, let’s strengthen our roots, our foundation, and know that by doing this everything above our foundation, benefits from this grounding. Breathe in, visualizing the breath, the life force energy, coming up and into the soles of your feet. On the exhale, feel that breath rise up your legs, hips, hara/belly, spine, heart, throat, third eye and up through your crown connecting you to Divine Source. Repeat by inhaling from the top (crown)down out through the soles of your feet deep into the earth. Repeat the inhale, again from the bottom of your soles up. Do this exercise for as long as it takes for you to feel calm, safe and supported. You can add a chant.. Just for today, I am Calm, Safe, Supported and I STAND strong as I POWER through any challenge sent to me. Namaste If you would like to schedule a Distance Reiki Session or to Receive a Root Chakra Assessment, please call/text 917-838-1045 or email Angela.Reiki.Vibrations@Gmail.com

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