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Reiki Circles, Simply Explained

Published 8-4-2019| Angela La Scala,RMT Reiki Circles, "are open hearts reaching out through time and space".

Reiki Practitioners love to hold Reiki circles as a way of giving back to the community, raise vibrations and to be in gratitude for all the Divine blessings bestowed upon us each day.  You do not have to be "Reiki Attuned"  to participate in a Reiki Circle. Many Reiki Teachers also love to offer their students a weekly or monthly opportunity to hold Reiki Circles, to help them stay involved with their Reiki Community and to strengthen their practice and spread their light.

To be included in a Reiki circle, we ask for you, to place a request and for your permission to receive.  

Often many  people are willing to join a Reiki circle and receive Reiki, but many don’t know exactly what it is, and what is involved, especially if you are not Reiki attuned. In this article we are focusing on my  interpretation of a Reiki Circle, since I offer it weekly, via distance. 

Reiki Circle, Simply Explained 

I would like to simply explain it to you as best as I can,from my own perspective. Please understand, this is my personal perspective and other practitioners may have a slightly different perspective and style, and that is okay! It’s all about connecting to universal energy, for the highest and greatest good of "ALL willing to share without attachment." 

Let me begin by explaining a term that most of us are familiar with hearing,  a “prayer circle”.

A “prayer circle”, is when a group of people, with a common goal or purpose, rally together as they focus their purest forms of intentions on a particular person, group of people, place, event or situation that is calling for healing assistance.

It is believed that the power of many is stronger than the power of one.

Reiki Circles, in many ways are very similar to Prayer Circles.  However, unlike prayer circles, Reiki circles are without any attachment to dogma, religion, cult or specific faith. 

It is literally the practice of  setting a positive and loving  intention to connect with a receiver who is willing and open to receive positive, loving and compassionate energy from a place of highest good. The mechanics of Reiki is not important, as much as the intention and the focus that allows the flow to occur. 

Like prayer circles, it does not have to be "seen" to do it’s job . It is the pure faith of many, that makes it work, as it raises the vibration through the intention and focus of All!

We ALL are energy, our thoughts are energy, our words are energy, our intentions are energy, our affirmations are energy.

Energy naturally flows through time and space and it does not need a physical vehicle to get to its intended target. All it needs is intent, focus, faith and the openness and willingness to receive. This simply defines a Reiki circle.

Here are some thoughts to help one understand how energy works by connecting one another without a physical vehicle:

1.  Did you ever have a dream about someone that you have not seen in years, and then then the next day you run into them at a gas station?

2.  Have you ever thought of someone that you have not heard from in a while, then suddenly the phone rings and it's them?

3.  Have you ever spoke about someone else to a friend, and then suddenly you receive an email from that exact someone else saying that they were thinking about you too?

4. Have you ever asked about an old friend and then the person you asked says, "Oh that is funny, they just asked about you too"! ...?

5. Have you thought about a partner that has passed, and you turn on the radio and suddenly your wedding song from 30 years ago just happens to be playing at that very moment?

Coincidences?  Perhaps, but I am more inclined to believe, that this is energy at work in its finest form! 

Your dreams, visions, thoughts, words, inquiries and your intentions are all connected through time and space.  

And when I say through "time and space", take a quick look again at Question number 5.  Yes, even those that are not physically on this earth plane can receive your thoughts and intentions and connect with you!!!

Dreams, thoughts, words spoken, inquiries,and songs, are all energies that are heard, felt and received on ALL Levels , with no physical vehicle involved! 

What about Specific Requests for Reiki Circles

Many of us, when given the opportunity, to receive Reiki, will tend to place a request for ourselves, a loved one or a situation that concerns us at that moment.  This is important, because it helps us to focus on something that is occurring in our life that needs attention for healing or release.  It also gives the practitioner a starting point. 

Although making a request and setting an intention is important, it is equally important to understand and accept that it is up to our higher selves and a Divine Source to ultimately decide on how, when and where we need to receive the healing energy. 

It is also just as important to understand that it’s more beneficial to give and receive the Reiki flow “without any attachment.”  Meaning, it is important to practice tuning into your heart space...where compassion resides, and tuning out the desire to control the the outcome, where ego resides.  This is the practice of Reiki "without attachment".

Ego can break the natural flow of Reiki.  If we are so stuck on obtaining one outcome, we may miss out on the "healings of dis-ease" taking place on other levels!

For example, one may request a dying animal to be healed,  but the real healing may be in that they receive the acceptance of their transition to the next realm. 

Another example may be that someone requests assistance for a chronic disease that they may be suffering with, but the real healing may reach them on an emotional level that may have contributed to the dis-ease in the first place. 

Many times Reiki allows the healing of the  source first, which may be the emotions, the spirit, or the mind, and then the  physical healing may come much later.  We must learn to accept the divine intelligence of the energy.

Does that mean we should not be specific in what we request in a Reiki circle or session?

No. You can be specific, while also being open and trusting  that the energy flows to the source, where it is needed most, for the highest and greatest good of all involved.  Having faith and being unattached to the outcome will have the optimal benefits in receiving the energy because you are free from blocking it with "control" or  "ego".  Being open and trusting may also lead to releases and healings that we may never have thought about asking for, because they were so buried within our minds, that we refuse to see it or address it.  Sometimes, we are not aware of the underlying emotional issues that have manifested in our physical bodies, so trusting the energy assists in the best outcome, even though it may not have  been what we thought we needed!

How do we do that?

Simply, set your intention without attachment, remember Attachment is ego based and can interfere or block energy flow. Step outside of your ego and connect with your higher all knowing self and understand that your intention will go where it is needed most.  Simply let go, trust and have faith!  This takes time and practice, so be patient!

The difference between Reiki Circles and  Reiki Shares

Many ask what is the difference between a Reiki Circle and a Reiki Share.

These two terms, often mean the same thing, and sometimes they mean something different, depending on who you ask .

The descriptions for each title can be interchangeable, and It depends on the coordinator’s intent.

If you are looking to participate in a “Reiki Share” or a “Reiki Circle”, make sure you ask the coordinator to explain the intent and the process of the event that is being offered .

For example,

In my area, a “Reiki Share” is when a group of Reiki Practitioners gather together and practice Reiki in a practitioner/client scenario.  It is a way for us to practice and learn and also a way for us to receive Reiki from fellow practitioners.

On the other hand, A “Reiki Circle” in my area, is when a Practitioner gathers a group of people, both persons of non-Reiki  and Reiki practitioners, and they share Reiki with the group as a whole through intent, focus and mediation. 

Reiki Circles and shares can be done in person at a specific time and meeting place or they can be done via distance at a specific time, and even sometimes there’s no specific time but there’s an intent to send at a later time. 

How do I, as a Practitioner connect to you in a Reiki Circle?

When I offer a Reiki circle for people or animals or situations, I simply create space at a specific time, as I connect to my highest most loving self through quiet meditation. 

I ask my ego to step aside.

I then summon my Spirit Guides and Reiki Guides from Past, Present and Future to assist me in being a clear and open channel of Reiki. 

I call in the Archangels and their band of Angels for Divine Protection for all involved.

I then call out the names and intentions for all those that have requested Reiki and ask their highest most loving selves and their Spirit guides to assist them in receiving Reiki for their highest good.

I then place my hands in Gassho position (prayer position) at my Heart center.

I focus on breath.

I begin to inhale, visualizing a white Divine light from above, entering

my crown chakra  and flowing into my Heart Space.

I exhale deep into the Earth's core as my energy grounds and anchors to the center of the Earth.

I do this until I feel connected to Divine Source and Grounded into the Earth Energy.

The inhale from above and the exhale from below continues meeting at my heart center.

From the heart center the exhale expands beyond my body, my aura, filling my space with pure white light.

As I continue to meditate, and breathe in and out, every exhale of white Reiki light expands further and further beyond my space, beyond my home and out into the entire world, connecting all of us as one light energy.

I visualize the entire earth glowing with the white light expanding from my heart center.

I continue the mediation until I feel that ALL have been connected to the Reiki energy.  This could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, sometimes longer.

I then thank all of you for sharing Reiki with me, I thank your guides, my guides and Angels, our higher-selves and then,

I close with...”May the Reiki energy continue to flow to ALL, for as long as needed for their highest and great good and beyond.”

So, you see a Reiki circle is all about setting an intention, focus, breath, connection as others/recipients are willing to receive.  That is how the Reiki connection is made and flows.

If you are interested in experiencing a distance Reiki circle, please visit my page Reiki Vibrations for weekly and monthly offers.   

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