The Ripple Effect of Reiki

March 21, 2018

Reiki is many things, but did you ever think of Reiki  having a "ripple effect"? 


A few benefits of Reiki are stress-reduction, relaxation, and balancing and raising your vibration through a non-invasive light touch Japanese technique that promotes self-healing. Although the results may seem subtle at first, the long-lasting results are massive, as the client begins to free themselves from their own dis-ease. 


Reiki has an even more profound effect that carries beyond the practitioner-client session.  Reiki has what I call, a "ripple effect".


Just envision a small pebble dropping into a pond. At first you may think that this is a very small occurrence, with an even smaller consequence, but take notice of the ripples that this tiny pebble has created.  The ripples spread out far beyond the size of that tiny pebble; that is what we call the "ripple effect", and Reiki can have that very effect on you!


As a dedicated practitioner, I work closely with my clients to move them towards balance and wholeness by using this simple light touch technique, which, in turn, activates their body's own natural healing response.

During the session, the client immediately feels the many benefits of calmness, peace and relaxation.  Stress and anxiety seem to fall off, and drift away.  As the session comes to a close, my clients often feel a sense of wellness, and experience a more positive attitude.  Their spirits have lifted, and they feel lighter than they did when they first  arrived at the session.  As they leave the Reiki table behind, and go about their day, their new uplifted attitude becomes contagious to everyone they come into contact with; the Reiki ripple has taken its effect!


Just think, when someone is balanced, calm, and relaxed, they are less likely to re-act to a situation, and more likely to recognize it and receive it with a calmer, and clearer state of mind.  When we respond with more composure, this, in itself, will have a huge impact on how others will reciprocate and interact with us. This little shift of energy becomes contagious, as others will begin to disarm and relax in your presence. In response, they'll echo what they received from you, and pass it on to those they come in contact with, and so on, and so on, and so on...the ripple effect of Reiki!  


How often do we say that laughter is contagious? Well... so are the lifted spirits of a client after a Reiki treatment!

I love practicing Reiki, because it does not remain on the Reiki table. The positive and uplifting results are passed on to others without anyone even realizing it!  How wonderful is it that? 


So, now that you understand the ripple effect of Reiki and if you would like to experience it for yourself, go ahead, and make that appointment!  Remember, when you take care of yourself, those around you, also benefit, and what raises your vibration also raises their vibration in a most  wonderful way!  


For more information please visit REIKI Vibrations by clicking here.





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