Reiki, simply explained

January 25, 2020

I began my Reiki journey a few years ago, as "the client".  I did not know exactly what it was, and honestly, I did not quite understand it.  What I did know, is that it worked for me, in a most positive way, which led me on the Reiki path as "the student".  As a Reiki Practitioner, at the Master Teacher level, I am often asked,” What is Reiki?  My answer is quite simple, and as you read further, you too may come to understand the simplicity of Reiki.  


Let me begin by clearing up some of the misconceptions that Reiki has accumulated over the years, and by telling you what Reiki is not.


Reiki is not a religion, it is not a cult, and it does not conflict with any religious beliefs.  I myself, am a practicing Christian, and Reiki has not conflicted with my faith in anyway.  If anything, it has strengthened my faith and practice.


Reiki is not a mystery, and it is not magic. There is no mystery, nor magic behind Reiki. The only mystery behind Reiki, is how something so simple can be so magical!


Reiki is not a massage.  Although massage, and Reiki are both natural and holistic healing techniques, they differ.  Massage generally manipulates the muscles, bones, and tissues, and Reiki is a practice of mindfulness and meditation and uses a non-invasive, "hands on", or "hovering of the hands" technique as well. 


One of the most important concepts to understand, is that Reiki is NOT a replacement for professional medical, mental, emotional, or psychological treatment.  Reiki is not a cure for a disease or illness.  Reiki, however, benefits individuals on their path to healing and wellness, as they work closely with their professional healthcare providers.  I would also like to mention, many hospitals, cancer centers, and rehabilitation facilities across the globe, offer Reiki sessions to their patients, to assist them on their path to wellness.  Reiki is also becoming a key practice among animals shelter volunteers, veterinarians, pet care facilities and many Animal Rescues and Shelters worldwide thanks to the teachings of Kathleen Prasad in the ® Let Animals Lead Method of Animal Reiki.


Now that we got some of the most common misconceptions of Reiki out of the way, let me simply explain Reiki.  


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress-reduction and relaxation, that also promotes healing.   Stress releases hormones to signal your body to quickly pump oxygen into the bloodstream, raising your heartbeat, and blood pressure.  Your body does this as a response to escape the stressor.  Chronic stress requires so much energy, that your body puts off healing your own tissues, and stops the healthy renewal of cells, because it's too busy reacting to the stress signals.  Over time, this chronic stress may result in emotional, mental, and physical imbalances, which may lead to dis-ease and illness.  Reiki helps the body by creating a "healing space". It gives you the opportunity through intentions, meditation and breathing practices to calm your thoughts, and relax. In this healing space your heart rate begins to normalize, your blood-pressure regulates, your breathing slows and deepens, bringing you into a state of mindfulness, peace and calm.  This state of mindfulness allows your body to do what it was naturally created to do, recover and self-heal.  It's that simple!


You may ask, how is this done?  Simple.  Reiki is energy. It is the universal life force energy that exists in every living-thing, person, animal, and plant.  Your thoughts, words, intentions, and affirmations are also energy.  It is in the Practitioner's focus, and intent, to direct the energy as a conduit to the client, and the client's willingness to receive the Reiki energy that makes the connection.  The intention is always clear, positive, compassionate, and for the highest good of all.  It is never with ill intent.  In some ways, it is much like prayer.  For example, Someone asks for prayers for some higher good, and we respond by sending and directing that prayer for their highest good.  All of this is positive, compassionate energy. 


Many will also ask, does the healing reiki energy come from the practitoner?  The answer is, No. We don't give you life-force energy because to say that we are giving you something that you already have is mis-leading.  We ALL have access to this universal healing energy called Reiki -  It is available to everyone and exists everywhere.  It is how we live, breathe, thrive.  We only act as conduits or channels that help put you into a state of peace and calm.  The energy flows from a higher loving place through us creating a healing space.  This healing space is where tension, stress,anger and worries are released and this is where your own life-force energy begins to flow more freely assisting you to self-heal.



Many will also ask what to expect during a Reiki treatment?  Reiki is administered by a non-invasive, "hands on" approach, or a "hovering of the hands" a couple of inches above the body. Clothing always remains on and private parts are never touched in any way.  If you are told otherwise, it is simply not Reiki.  You may choose to receive your Reiki session either face-down, face-up, or seated in a chair.  It is the client's choice.  The energy radiating from the practitioner’s hands, creates a warmth that instantly promotes relaxation, while the body releases tension.  Many times, clients fall asleep, slip into a state of meditation, and experience deep relaxation.  They may feel warm, cooling, or tingling sensations.  They may experience emotional releases, peace, joy, and sometimes even tears.  As the session comes to a close, some feel relaxed and calm, while others leave feeling energized and invigorated.  Every individual has a unique experience, and every session may have a different result. 


Reiki has an amazing list of benefits. Too many to list. The benefits of Reiki, as stated, is unique to each individual. Reiki helps activate the natural healing processes in the client's body and restores your physical and emotional well-being. It helps one to raise their vibration and spirits, come into a state of mindfulness and presence, and assists the client in freeing themselves from dis-ease!   

The most beautiful thing about Reiki, is that one does not have to be ill to experience the benefits!  


Listed below are a few of the most common benefits of Reiki:


    Relieves and reduces stress and anxiety

    Relaxes muscles and relieves tension

    Reduces blood pressure and slows down heart rate

    Assists in better sleep patterns

    Soothes emotional stress

    Encourages emotional release

    Stimulates natural healing

    Supports the immune system 

    Promotes natural balance between mind, body & spirit

    Raises your vibration by promoting peace & positivity              


I encourage you to share this article and ask me questions. My goal is to educate and guide individuals, families, groups and communities in the art and practice of Reiki.




If you have enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about Reiki please contact me at  or click HERE to visit my Facebook Business Page, REIKI Vibrations







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Reiki, simply explained

January 25, 2020

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