Animals Love Reiki too!

April 6, 2018

Reiki is not just for humans.  Our furry companions, winged companions and even our finned companions all Love Reiki!  It is known that animals gravitate towards the gentle and non-invasive energy that Reiki provides. 


Reiki for animals is becoming more popular especially for those that have been rescued and have experienced past traumas.  It is also beneficial to those animals that are recovering or receiving treatment for medical issues and behavioral issues.  Many find that Reiki offers very therapeutic and comforting benefits to maintain their general well-being.


It is important to find a Reiki Practitioner that specializes in Animal Reiki and one that has experience working closely with animals.  As Reiki Practitioners, we like to offer Reiki to our animal companions in the same way we like to offer it to our human family members.  Our animal family love to receive Reiki from us and because we already have a bond of trust formulated with them, they are likely to welcome the healing energy we provide.   


You may like to begin offering Reiki to your animal by taking a seat in the same room they are present in. There is no need to sit right next to them or call them to your side.  As  you begin to relax, meditate, and call in the Reiki energy, notice how your animal responds.   Animals are way more sensitive to energy than most of us are.  So it is important to begin slowly, from a distance and very gently.  They will let you know how accepting of Reiki they are.  Proceed by setting an intention to send them Reiki for their highest good and let them know, it will only be shared with them if they are willing to accept.  Now you may ask, "how do you know their answer?"  They will communicate very subtly.  You may begin to notice that at first they get a little edgy and shift around quite a bit.  Then they begin to mosey on over and check out what you are doing. They may sit next to you and then get back up again and go back to the other side of the room.  This may go on for a while, be patient.  They are trying to figure out whether they like it or not.  Keep the first few sessions short.  As you keep practicing with them, most of them will begin to approach you more often and settle in next to you.  You will begin to notice that they pick up the cues quickly and almost instantly they know when you are about to offer them Reiki.  


My dog, Baxter, had been through trauma before we rescued him two years ago.  He suffers from separation anxiety and all sorts of  other anxiety related issues.  At first, he did not like Reiki . He would not only run to the other side of the room, but then he would leave the room after letting out a few yelps and complaints- he's a talker so this is not unusual!   He would literally hide as soon as he picked up the cue that I was beginning a Reiki session. 


I practice meditation every morning and Baxter sits practically on my lap during my daily routine.  It amazes me how a dog can tell the difference between a routine meditation and a Reiki meditation.  Believe me when I tell you, they pick up on the energies and the intentions quickly! They are way smarter than we can imagine!  Months later, Baxter and I now share Reiki and he loves when I lay my hands gently on him, especially in the hip and belly areas!  Be patient with your animal companions.  Sharing Reiki with them is a beautiful experience and a loving bond.  Just remember to take it slow and easy.




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