Reiki & OCD: Letting your Ducks Roam Free

July 18, 2018

Here is a little story of how Reiki changed my life, by expanding my limited beliefs, to start living and thinking outside of the box.  This is just one little story of a series of many to come, so I invite you to please read on...


Many years ago, I used to own and operate a professional organizing business named, "Ducks in a Row".  The business was born from the idea that I could take my super organized, very structured, perfectionist skills, and my battle with OCD, and turn them into an asset.


I helped individuals, professionals, and businesses, to clear out clutter, organize their space, create structure, and get their "Ducks in a Row".  I made many of my clients very happy as I assisted them, and taught them tools on how to get their lives and businesses back in order, and to keep it that way. 


But what good was structure, without a solid foundation, that would allow the flexibility of swaying with the waters and winds of life? 


Years later, I soon learned, through my daily practice of Reiki, that a solid foundation begins with you, and not your space.   Reiki taught me that clearing out, organizing, and creating structure begins within your own mind space.  Centering your focus, breathing into your power center, and letting go, will lead everything on the outside to naturally fall into place.  It begins with "Just for Today,..." 


The 5 Reiki Precepts were key for me to come into this place of mindfulness and to begin my journey to self- healing.

Just for today,

I will not Anger

I will not Worry

I will Be Grateful

I will do my work honestly

I will be kind to every living creature, including myself


Reiki teaches me every day how to center my focus and weather the storms of life.  To be present, let go, be grateful and love myself unconditionally. It taught me that I am not broken and flawed but that I am unique and strong.


Our Ducks are not always in a row, and on those days, when they venture out and slip into what I may consider chaos, Reiki teaches me, how to honor that change, feel it and see its message for what it really is. It is Okay if things don't go as planned and it is also Okay to not know where things will end up.  Just for today, I will not anger and I will not worry and I am grateful for the many gifts that I am worthy of receiving.


I used to convince myself that being organized brought me joy, and to some degree, it oddly did.  I soon learned that this idea was an illusion, a mask to hide behind.  The illusion being, that if my space, was in perfect order, I can appear to look "normal" as if "I had it all together".  My mind was trapped in a vicious cycle of repeated habits that really did not serve me well, and kept me, from true spiritual growth, joy and being my authentic self.  Just for today, I will do my work honestly and be true to myself.


When my ducks fall out of place, I now ask myself questions like:  What in my life needs to be observed?  Where do I need to reach out and ask for assistance?  What needs to be released to create more space and to invite something new and perhaps better into my life?  Where is the lesson in this chaos?  


Life is not meant to be planned out to the tiniest detail, it is not meant to be controlled and structured with everything lined up in a row.  Life is meant to be lived like a duck bobbing along in a stream. Every new turn is embraced as an adventure and a learning experience.  If  you try to control every twist and turn, you will surely end up with very sore and stiff muscles at the end of that ride.  If you bob along like the ducks, with wonder in your eyes, no expectations, observing the scenery along the way, and surrendering into the ebb and flow of the waters, I assure you, from my own experiences, your path will be an easier one.  Just for today, I will be kind to myself  by allowing myself to surrender.


Today, I can happily say that my Ducks are NOT always in a row and that is Okay.  They are free to roam happily and freely, without restrictions or boundaries. I observe them and quietly tune in and listen to their messages and watch them show me what I need to see. I am continuously working on letting go of silly mind rules,  that keep me from navigating the tides of life with ease and acceptance.  When I feel like I am slipping into old habits, I simply return to the Five Reiki Precepts beginning with, Just for today...


I thank Reiki everyday, as its practice continuously teaches me how to clear out, organize, and create a solid, yet flexible structure, within my own mind space to help me lovingly deal with Ducks that fall out of place. Even more importantly, It reminds me to be kind to myself!




For more information:

I understand the struggles of OCD because I live it and will always live with it because that is who I am and what makes me so unique.  My goal is to work with individuals that live with this unique mindset, while teaching them tools to manage OCD and begin their self-healing journey.   If you are interested in learning how to set yourself free and allow yourself the joy you deserve, please contact me at or visit my facebook page by clicking HERE and I will be happy to assist you in anyway I can.  Namaste.


For more information on how Reiki can assist you, please contact me at or visit

my Reiki Vibrations Facebook Page for more information on workshops and learning tools.



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