Reiki Mother Earth

August 9, 2018

I invite you to join me, in giving the Earth a Reiki Session.
Every day, we are honored with the opportunity to share Reiki with ourselves, our community, our family, friends, our animal companions and our clients. Many of us, Reiki our food, water, homes, work spaces and many situations and various events around the world that call upon us for healing. We even send Reiki healing through time and space to the past, present and future. But, We often forget the one thing, that carries our weight, and absorbs our negative energy on a daily basis. We forget the very thing that grounds us, and supports the weight of everything we build, that sits upon it . We forget the very thing that, nurtures us with food, water, air, medicine and provides us building materials for shelter ; surrounds us with beauty, produces the plant life that gives off the oxygen we need to breathe . We forget, how it is, the one thing, that offers us a loving foundation each night, as we lay our weary bodies down to sleep. We forget that each morning, it is the first thing that greets us by taking the weight of our feet as we take our first step out of bed and place it on the ground. This very thing that offers us so much and asks for so little is our dear Earth. We forget, that the Earth is also stressed, anxious, worn out, depleted and over burdened. We forget how the Earth sacrifices, to provide us with our needs so that we may survive and thrive.
It too, is in need of healing, love, compassion and deserves daily healing , as it carries the burdens of billions, day after day.
Please, Join me today, as we step out into nature, and place our Reiki hands on the earth and send it gratitude,love and compassion. May the divine universal life force energy of Reiki flow through us, into the earth and heal its wounds and give it strength.
If you do not practice Reiki, the universal life force energy still flows through you, so please join us and place your hands on the earth and send healing through your intentions.
Let’s make this part of our daily or weekly Reiki routine. The Earth is a GIVING planet, so let us give back, what it is so very deserving of ...loving hearts and healing hands. Will you join me?

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