The Vibration of Color!

October 11, 2018

The vibration of color is a powerful tool. Usually, the  color that draws you in, is asking you to take a look and tap into the Chakra associated with that color in your energy system. Reiki can assist you in opening your chakras and meridians , remove energy blocks and balance you physically, mentally and emotionally, allowing you to self-heal What color is calling you today?


Root Chakra - RED  "I Am"

Sacral Chakra - ORANGE  "I Feel"

Solar Plexus Chakra - YELOW  "I Do"

Heart Chakra - Pink and Green  "I Love"

Throat Chakra - Sky Blue "I Speak"

Third Eye Chakra- Indigo "I See"

Crown Chakra - Violet , White "I Understand"


Bringing an awareness to your chakra and aligning it with a positive affirmation can assist in clearing and restoring balance to that chakra! 


For more information on how to receive a Chakra Oracle Card Reading , Please email me at


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