Grounding in the Winter with the Elements

February 17, 2019

Grounding, or earthing, is simply connecting to the energy of the Earth. Why is it so important for us to ground?  The Earth is a resource of electromagnetic force and when our bodies do not connect with the earth for long periods of time, it can throw our balance off and weaken our immune system.  Think of the human body as a battery, we too, are highly conductive and the elements of the Earth are needed to recharge and balance us.


What are the benefits of grounding?  Grounding balances us, clears our mind, body and spirit; reduces anxiety, replenishes our energy, increases our immune system, reduces inflammation, increases focus, raises our vibration and increases our general health and so much more!  When we are not grounded, we can suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, a poor immune system and suffer the "winter blues."  Grounding allows us to send our "unhealthy" excess energy back into the ground.


We all know that spending time in nature and being outdoors is the best way to ground, but what do we do when those cold harsh winters don't allow us to hug that tree or walk barefoot on the grass or take a swim in the ocean? 


Well I have a few ideas to share with you:


Ground with Earthy Foods


Grounding foods are those that are grown from the earth, preferably organically grown, with little or no pesticides and chemicals.  We should be careful to reduce or eliminate processed foods during the winter months.  Examples of grounding foods or herbs, beneficial to our winter diets, are as follows:

1. Rooted vegetables such as: carrots, turnips, potatoes, beets, ginger, radishes, garlic, onions and parsnips.

2. Squash and pumpkins, yams and sweet potatoes.

3. Naturally red colored fruit and vegetables, which are believed to help balance the root chakra and ground us. They are also full of lycopene and antioxidants. Red is the energetic color of the Root chakra, so include some red apples, strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, pomegranate, cranberries and raspberries and red peppers into your diet.

4. Proteins: the following proteins should be added to your winter menu to help you ground:  nuts, beans,  and other legumes and  grass fed and organically fed meat for those that are not vegans. Always thank the Earth and all those who sacrifice to nourish us.

5.  Hot, thick soups and stews are very grounding especially when adding the ingredients mentioned above, with healthy grains like barley, brown rice and quinoa.


Ground with Water:


1. Take a salt bath.  Surround yourself with some crystals and add a couple of drops of your favorite organic essential oils to the water such as lavender or vanilla.

2.  Place a small battery operated or electric water fountain in your bedroom or meditation space.  The sound of water is very grounding and therapeutic.

3.  Drink plenty of water.  Add some red fruit like strawberries or cranberries in your water for added flavor. 

4.  Hot beverages like ginger tea or turmeric tea with cinnamon sprinkled in it, is a very grounding drink in the winter months and it also boosts your immune system.  You can slice up a ginger root, boil it in water, squeeze some lemon juice in it with a teaspoon of honey, and you now have brewed yourself a delicious ginger tea to fight off the flu!



Ground with Sound


Meditate while playing background music of nature sounds such as birds chirping, rainfall, the sound of a babbling brook, whales singing, wolves howling or the sound of the beach. Listening to the sound of nature in the winter months is guaranteed to make us feel very connected to the Earth as it relaxes us, reduces stress and lifts our spirits.


Another favorite of mine is listening to the sound of drumming.  Native Americans and Shamans would drum to connect to the Earth's vibration.  If you don't have a drum you can still experience this connection by listening to the sound of drums which can easily be found on many music sites.  Or if you are crafty, you can make your own drum using a shoe-box or a tin can with a cover!  Decorate it with some bright vibrant earthy colors and tap it to the rhythm of your heart beat!


Ground with Fire


Light a fire if you have a fireplace or perhaps build a bonfire outdoors.  Connecting with this element's warmth will certainly ground you.  You can also light some candles and do a candle meditation by simply focusing on the flame and invite the light into your heart and visualize it drawing down from your heart, down your legs, out the bottoms of your feet and deep into the core of the Earth. Feel your connection to the Earth's core and feel it warm your heart and soul as the winter blues melt away. (Be sure to not leave a candle or fire unattended)


Grounding with other Earth Elements


Keeping crystals in our pockets and on our bedside table, or under our pillow during sleep will help keep our energy cleared and grounded to the Earth.  We can also keep crystals on our desks at work. Some of my favorite grounding crystals are black tourmaline, pyrite, hematite selenite, and  salt crystals.  These crystals also act as protective stones and cleansing stones.


Invest in a salt lamp to place indoors.  Himalayan salt lamps not only add a warm ambiance to one's space but they also improve the air quality of our home.  When getting fresh air is not an option, you may like to purchase a couple of these and place them in the busy areas of your home to keep the energy flowing and in harmony.


Plants added to the interior of our home are a must!  Bring the outdoors inside by placing a few plants in your home.  Plants are a natural air cleaner and freshener.  They add clean oxygen to the air and act as a natural air filter.   Start an herb garden and place it in your kitchen window. This would serve two benefits: one, it adds fresh oxygen to your home and two, you will be able to add it to your food.  Please make sure before you bring a plant into your home you make sure it is a safe one to be around pets and children!


Now that you have a few ideas and tools on how to ground during the cold winter months, be sure to incorporate them into your daily routine so that you can stay balanced and grounded until the warmer months return!  Remember, we don't have to surrender to the "Winter Blues" when we can get creative by working with the very elements available to us, to keep us healthy, vibrant and grounded!


For more information on how you can raise your vibration with grounding and Reiki, please contact Angela at or visit Facebook for more tips at angela.reiki.vibrations


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