What does Reiki Look Like?

Reiki looks like Radiance.
Many people wonder, what does Reiki look like?
What does it feel like?
Look at this photo that I took of nature...a Dandelion zoomed in, in its seed phase . There are no enhancements to this photo other than, an enlargement, and an image placed at the center. 
Do you see the "life force energy?"
Do you see the “seeds of intentions,” ready to take off and expand into the Universe, through "time and space?" 
Do you see all of the connections? The light? The stars? The radiance? The Divine threads connecting it all? This is my closest interpretation of what it looks like when one is, “Being Reiki”, “Sharing Reiki” and/or “in Reiki space”. 
I once believed that Reiki radiates only from our hands, but now, I am understanding that it radiates from our "whole being" ...

This is Reiki.


To Learn more about Reiki, please contact me through email angela.reiki.vibrations@gmail.com or visit my Reiki Vibrations on Facebook!
This image is in collaboration of my photography and my son’s illustration of a Reiki Practitioner superimposed at the heart of this living flower.  @RussRenaldo on Instagram .




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