Reiki Precepts for a Full Moon Release

June 17, 2019

Just For today...I took the liberty to slightly alter the Five Reiki Precepts to honor the Full Moon. 

A Reiki session is a wonderful way to help one release the lower vibrations and energies that no longer serve you.  Releasing these energies during the Full Moon Phase is said to be heightened by the Full Moon Energy, resulting in an ease of release through intentions, while inviting in positive, higher vibrational frequencies in place of the lower vibrations.


Recite the Reiki Precepts below, that I have re-written specifically for the Full Moon Release, and make room to invite in those energies that do serve your highest good. Namaste 🙏🏻




To Learn more about Reiki and How it can Help you release unwanted energies and emotions, please contact me through email at or visit my Page,  Reiki Vibrations on Facebook!

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