Author Spotlight in 365 Book Series interview with REIKI Vibrations

November 13, 2019

1. Please share a bit about yourself.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher in two lineages, a mother of two grown boys and a Labradoodle, all of which are my most inspiring teachers. I think of myself as an intuitive and motivational messenger, hoping to heal hearts and inspire hope in all that read my daily messages. I am passionate about teaching how to "raise one's vibration" through the practice of Reiki to heal on all levels: mind, body and spirit.


2. Why did you decide to join as a contributing author in our book?

It has been a lifetime dream to publish a story or piece of my work. Writing has always been my greatest love and tool of expression. I give thanks to a fellow contributor, Joanne Colon Barry, who graciously led me to 365 Book Series.


3. What do you hope each reader will take into their heart after reading our book?

My hope is that each reader finds at least one message in this book that will inspire them to make a choice, to make a change, for the better as they connect with their highest most loving self through the words and experiences of others!


4. What's one soulful message or conversation that you’ve received?

Choose to tell your story with love, no regrets and with complete gratitude. Know that when you share your experiences, no matter how painful, if you reach but one person and give them hope and courage, then know it was all worth it!


5. What's your FB page and website?

Facebook page: REIKI Vibrations


If you are interested in holistically Raising your Vibration to heal on ALL levels, please contact Angela to Book a  Reiki Session or Spiritual Coaching Session

at or my Facebook page REIKI Vibrations.



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